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Kogakkan University, 1704 Kodakujimoto, Ise, Mie, 〒516-8555 Japan

Telephone +81(596)22-6341 FAX +81(596)22-1704

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At the turning point of Japan on the global scene, a new global center for Japanese studies opens at Kogakkan University.

The Faculty for the study of contemporary Japanese society is Kogakkan University’s first step forward towards becoming a global center of Japanology and Japanese education, paying due regard to human ethics and the laws of nature, which have always been given special emphasis within the unique and traditional spirit of Kogakkan University. Such principles have been indispensable in the development of modern industry since the 1970s, led by the human welfare and global environmental industries, so-called Neo Industrial Revolution.

Since ancient times, the Japanese people have lived in accordance with nature. Historically, Ise Jingu has held the most honored place among the more than 100,000 Shinto sanctuaries over the country, and as the spiritual home of the Japanese people, most Japanese wish to make a pilgrimage to Ise Jingu at least once in their lifetime. It has close connections with the Japanese Imperial family, and at the beginning of every year the Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers go to worship there. Ise Jingu is principally composed of the Kotai Jingu (Naiku) and the Toyoukedajingu (Geku). The supreme deity enshrined in the Naiku, Amaterasu Omikami, was originally enshrined within the Imperial palace, but, according to the “Nihonshoki”, was moved to the present sanctuary in 4B.C. The location was decided upon by Yamato-hime no Mikoto and was intended as the place where Amaterasu Omikami will be enshrined for eternity. Geku was established in A.D 400 in keeping with a divine decree by Amaterasu Omikami, and the deity of agriculture and industry, Toyouke Omikami, is enshrined there.

Kogakkan University is located beside the shrine of Yamato Hime no Mikoto, between the Naiku and Geku. The environs of the university are home to the Jingu Nogyokan (agriculture) Museum, the Jingu Museum of Fine Arts, the Jingu Chokokan Museum and Jingu Bunko (library).


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